Missing or Damaged Products & Creative Packs

What is your return policy?

You can return your Creative Pack as long as ALL PACKAGE A items are inside the Creative Pack and are in re-saleable condition. Your Creative Pack must be returned to us at our warehouse BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 20th & OCTOBER 20th, 2017 for August delivery schools. Returns WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED before September 20th, 2017. No Exceptions.


Missing or Damaged Supplies?

    1. If you have missing or damaged supplies, please email us at support@creativepacks.ca or report your missing/damaged items down below, head your email with “MISSING or DAMAGED”.
    2. Please provide which items were MISSING or DAMAGED and provide your Order #, Students Name, School and Grade 

Our Creative Pack Team will arrange to replace the missing or damaged item typically 2 weeks after the start of the school year. This time will allow us to group any other possible missing or damaged supplies and arrange shipping to the school. The missing or damaged item will be labelled with your child’s name and grade and will be distributed accordingly by the school.


Missing Creative Pack?

    1. If you are missing the entire Creative Pack, please email us at support@creativepacks.ca or report your missing Creative Pack down below and head your email with “MISSING PACK” and provide the Order #, Students Name, School and Grade 
    2.  To help expedite your query faster, please check your bank statement or credit card statement during the time the order was placed to verify payment was accepted. If you WERE NOT charged by Creative Children, we did not receive your order.

Our Creative Pack team will attempt to trace your Creative Pack as soon as you notify us. If we are unable to find your pack within 48 hours, we will arrange for a new pack to be shipped directly to the school. In our experience, most missing packs are found at the school within a week. Should this be the case, we will arrange to have the original Creative Pack picked up and brought back to our warehouse.




    Contact our Creative Pack support team directly:

    For missing or Damaged Supplies or to report a Missing Creative Pack, please visit our “OOPS!” page.