How to Order

New to your school? Order supplies year round with Creative Packs. 


Creative Packs Pre-Ordered & Pre-Packaged School Supplies

Creative Packs are a hassle-free solution to purchasing your child’s Back-to-School supplies. Save gas, money and time searching for the right supplies – let us do the work for you!  All Creative Pack items are EXCELLENT QUALITY and COMPETITIVELY PRICED. The Creative Pack Program is an optional program that is available to all students.


Your Creative Pack list contains 3 parts

PART A Supplies: Are REQUIRED by your child’s teacher and school. These items need replenishing every year and are purchased as a complete package.

PART B Supplies:  Are REQUIRED by your child’s teacher and school. These items tend to be non-consumable and can be used from previous years. Please purchase the items that you do not have at home.

PART C Supplies:  These are OPTIONAL supplies offered that your child may want or need.

*Please note that not all lists will have a Part B or Part C. Some schools choose to only have a Part A package. 

                              Save Time, Shop Online! 

Ordering online is the easiest way to purchase your Creative Pack! It guarantees we receive your childs' order on time and correctly.

1) On the home page select the School your child will be attending next year, then select the Grade and Program they will be going into

2) Select your Creative Pack and add to your cart

3) Select any Part B items (if required) that you do not already have at home

4) Select any Part C items (optional)

5) Fill in your student's information in full - First and Last Name, Gender (optional) and Current Year Division

6) Proceed through checkout, confirm order summary and enter payment information

A confirmation email will be sent to you after your order has been processed. It will include your order confirmation number and a summary of the items purchased. Keep this email for your records! It will help us expedite any inquires you may have regarding your order.


Don't feel like ordering online? That's okay! We have other options too.

Return your completed order form to the school by the due date in the top right corner of the page

Email a copy of your completed order form to

Fax a copy of your completed order form to 1 (877) 469-6200

Mail, or bring a copy, of your completed order form to our Port Moody warehouse. #6 - 3005 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC, V3H 0X3 


    Have other questions about Creative Packs?

    Visit our FAQ page to see if your question is there or contact our friendly service team for assistance. 

    For missing or Damaged Supplies or to report a Missing Creative Pack, please visit our “OOPS!” page.