Creative Packs Donations


For every order placed online at we will donate $1 in the form of a Creative Children Voucher to your school. This can be used to purchase anything from our store including Packs for students in need, or any office, art, and student supplies from our warehouse (with exceptions being if there is under 5 orders for the whole school). We mail these out to each school in late fall.


Community Support Project

As a locally owned and operated company we are proud to give back to the communities around us. Each year we donate supplies for students in need.

As an extension of this, we are offering the chance for anyone of our customers to give educational supplies to kids in need from the Lower Mainland. When you complete an order we offer an optional "$1" to donate to a group give-back fund. You can add this to your cart as many times as you choose. We also offer the option to purchase a whole pack for a child in need. Anything you give helps, and schools have been extremely grateful for everything we can give.


What if I want to donate a pack to my school?

If you want to purchase a pack for a specific school, first empty your cart. Then select the school and grade from the dropdown menu that you wish to purchase. Continue through the checkout process until you get to "Student Name" and "Division". Please put "Donation Pack" as the name and "Deliver to Office" as the division.


If you are reading this and are from a school in need of donation kits and supplies please contact us: Send us an email

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